Cosplay, Props & Special FX Expo

Cosplay Con Scotland - 13th July

12pm - 6pm

Advanced ticket sales - entry 11am 

On the day sales - entry 12pm

On the door prices
£20 adults
£16 student
£12 Age 8-15
Free Under 8's

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Pre Order your magical drinkable potions to collect at Cosplay Con

Choose from:

  • Basilisk Blood
  • Cauldron Cola
  • Serpents Venom
  • Spellbound Butterscotch Beer
  • Tears of a Wizard
  • Unicorn Essense
  • Witches' brew

Welcome to the much-anticipated celebration of costume design, props, photography and special effects, right here in Scotland. We’ve noticed the absence of such an event in our vibrant community and are excited to fill that void on the 13th of July, 2024

This is not a comic con; it’s an exclusive event where you can delve into the art of making your own costumes, props, and makeup. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts, network, and make friends with others who share your interests.

Whether you’re stepping into character, eager to meet new people, studying related subjects, or eyeing a career in creative industries, Cosplay Con Scotland is the perfect venue to delve deeper.
Contests: Participate in our Contests and win impressive prizes, including tools from Dremel and vouchers from Tyges. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!
Workshops: Our workshops on Photo Editing, SFX & Prosthetics, Thermoplastics, and more are held in smaller breakout rooms, providing an intimate environment that facilitates learning and personal interaction with experts.
Performance Showcase: Experience captivating performances hosted by Cloudburst Idols.
Photo Booth: Don’t forget to stop by our photo booth to capture pictures of you in your outfit!
Exhibits: Discover exhibits from leading prop makers, costume designers, and educational institutes, plus traders selling essential cosplay gear, art, and collectibles. It’s an ideal place to meet creators and find inspiration for your next project.
Cosplay Con Scotland offers more than just a con; it’s a community and a learning experience in a supportive environment. Perfect for beginners or those looking to enhance their skills, it’s an exclusive event where creativity flourishes..

Stage Host

Psyclone Jack

We’re thrilled to unveil our dazzling stage host and esteemed panel judge. The professional shape shifter and international drag monster – Psyclone Jack!

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our mission to bring this event to Scotland

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