Contests / Categories, prizes and more information (more prizes still to be added)

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Fantasy Character

1 Prize - £250 cash & 4 tickets to Fantasy Con Scotland

2nd Prize - 2 tickets to Fantasy Con Scotland

Do you have what it takes to bring your favorite fantasy character to life? Show us your best interpretation and craftsmanship. Enter our Fantasy Character competition

Copy of Copy of Copy of The Haunted Mansion (540 x 540 px) (1)

Spirit of Cosplay

1 Prizes: A cordless Dremel 8240, complete with 65 accessories & a Dremel Versatip & a £25 Tyges Voucher & 2 Cineworld Tickets

2nd Prize: Dremel Lite

This competition is all about capturing the essence of cosplay. Whether it’s your attitude, creativity, or the impact of your costume, we want to see it!

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Monster Makeover

4 x Early Access tickets to Horror Con Scotland, featuring upgraded front-row reserved seating all day and 4 after-show tickets in the floor seats.

This competition will be judged by Horror Con Scotland throughout the day. We want to see your best monsters!

Copy of Copy of Copy of The Haunted Mansion (540 x 540 px) (4)

Prop Maker

1st Prizes: A cordless Dremel 8240, complete with 65 accessories & a Dremel Glue gun & a £100 Tyges Voucher

2nd Prize: Dremel Lite

Got a knack for creating stunning, detailed props? This is your chance to showcase your skills and maybe even win some cool stuff!

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Prizes: £50 Tyges Voucher, 3 sets of coloured contact lenses (more prizes to be announced very soon)

This category celebrates dramatic transformations. Show us how you turn yourself into a remarkable character with makeup, prosthetics, and more!

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Under 16's

Prizes: Dremel Glue Gun, 4 Cineworld Tickets (more prizes to be announced very soon)

Young cosplayers, this one’s for you! Impress us with your creativity and you might snag a fantastic prize

Costume Showcase and Competition Rules

Welcome to Cosplay Con Scotland! We’re thrilled to open the stage to all cosplayers, inviting enthusiasts of every skill level to showcase their creativity and passion for cosplay. Here’s everything you need to know about participating in our costume showcase and competition:

Open Stage Showcase

  • All Are Welcome: Whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer or just starting out, we invite you to strut your stuff on the cosplay stage. It’s a fantastic opportunity to display your costume, share your love for your character, and enjoy the supportive atmosphere of our community.

  • Open to All Costumes: Handmade or purchased, intricate or simple, every costume is welcome on our stage. This is your moment to shine and show off your dedication to your favorite fandoms!​

Competition Details

  • Following the open showcase, the stage will transition to the competitive portion of the event. This segment is specifically for those aiming to win prizes and the glory that comes with it.

  • Handmade Costumes Only for Competitors: To be eligible for competition and prizes, your costume must be handmade. This rule ensures fairness and celebrates the craftsmanship and creativity of our cosplaying community.

  • Prejudging Process: Prejudging will occur on-site starting at 12pm and is crucial for those competing for prizes. This process allows our judges to closely examine the craftsmanship of your costume. Please note, prejudging is specifically for those in handmade costumes and is not required for store-bought costumes.

  • Special Note for Competitors: If you’re entering the competition, your costume should be predominantly handmade. Store-bought costumes can join the fun in the open showcase but won’t be eligible for competition prizes.

  • Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

​Masquerade Participation:

Everyone is welcome to participate in the masquerade! It’s a chance for all cosplayers to parade their costumes on stage. However, prize competition is reserved for participants in handmade costumes.

​We can’t wait to see the incredible array of costumes and the talented individuals behind them. Whether you’re here to compete or simply to celebrate cosplay, Cosplay Con Scotland is your stage. Let’s make it a spectacular event together!