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Accessibility/carers tickets
Wheelchair accessible venue, Level or ramp entrances into the building, Accessible toilet facilities.Carers tickets:We offer complimentary tickets for carers or personal assistants accompanying guests with disabilities or additional needs at Cosplay Con Scotland. For a smooth experience, the carer will be granted free access alongside the paid ticket holder.Owing to previous situations, we require evidence to confirm carer’s status. Accepted documentation includes:Award letters for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for those under 16, or DLA/Personal Independent Payments (PIP) for ages 16-64.Letters confirming Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Incapacity Benefit, or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).A valid Blue Badge.For those with visual impairments, a BD8 registration card or a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI).Relevant local authority registration.A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card.Credibility’s Access Card displaying at least the Essential Companions (+1) symbol. Please forward your evidence to to receive your carer’s ticket. Your patience is greatly appreciated during busy periods.
Sponsor the event
We’re on the hunt for visionary sponsors to join us at Cosplay Con Scotland! If you’re passionate about creativity, community, and the incredible world of cosplay, we’d love to hear from you.This is a unique opportunity to align your brand with an event that celebrates artistry, craftsmanship, and the vibrant cosplay culture. Be part of something truly special and help us create an unforgettable experience.Interested? Let’s make magic happen together! Please reach out to us at for more details on sponsorship opportunities. 🌟
The Venue & Parking
DoubleTree by Hilton Glasgow Central - 36 Cambridge St,Glasgow, G2 3HN. Parking: On-site, £12.00 per day. If this is full, there is a multi-storey car park right next to the hotel.
Ettiquette and consent
When you're captivated by the creativity of a cosplayer at an event, remember to ask for a photo politely. Cosplayers usually welcome photos, yet their comfort and consent are paramount. If they're busy, simply wait or politely move on.Respect their space, especially if they're eating, resting, or in a hurry. There's always a better moment.Keep corridors and booth fronts clear; find a spacious area for that perfect shot.Patience is key if they're already posing for someone else. Wait your turn, and you're more likely to capture their full attention and a stunning photo.Remember, cosplay is not consent. Never touch a cosplayer or their outfit without explicit permission. These creations may be delicate, and personal boundaries should always be respected.Cosplayers bring characters to life, but they're not the characters themselves. Praise their craftsmanship and dedication, not their physical resemblance to fictional characters. Avoid negative comments about the character or the cosplayer's appearance. Enthusiasm for a character is great, but keep interactions comfortable and respectful for everyone.Be mindful of the cosplayer's time and the presence of others waiting to engage. Cosplayers are there to enjoy the event too. Let them continue their day without prolonged interruptions.Cosplay is an inclusive art form where anyone can embody any character, regardless of body type, race, disability, or any other characteristic. Celebrate their courage and creativity rather than comparing or critiquing. Respect and admiration for their effort and interpretation enrich the community, making the event enjoyable for all.
Cosplay Guidelines
To ensure everyone has a great time, we have established the following cosplay behaviour guidelines. Violating these policies will result in being asked to leave the event:All props and weapons will be checked upon entry, and those not adhering to guidelines will not be permitted inside. Always cover and stow away props when outside the venue to avoid public alarm and potential police interaction.You will not receive a refund if you are turned away from the event for breaking any of these rules.For any inquiries or further clarification, please contact us at's ensure Cosplay Con Scotland remains a safe, respectful, and fun experience for everyone!Consideration: Always be mindful of your surroundings and other attendees. Avoid blocking aisles, doorways, and stairs when posing for or taking photos. Always ask a cosplayer's permission before photographing them.Prop Conduct: Handle your cosplay props responsibly. Misuse of props, whether yours or not, will lead to expulsion from the event.Decency: Costumes deemed offensive by the casual observer are not allowed. This includes costumes that may cause public concern due to realistic weapon props. Ensure all props are covered when travelling to and from the venue. Outfits should pass the "social media" test, meaning if widely viewed, they shouldn't offend the general public. Offensive behaviour, including non-consensual touching, aggression, inappropriate actions or comments, and excessive swearing, is prohibited.Violence and Nudity: We have zero tolerance for violence, threats, intimidation, or nudity. Any simulated violence must be pre-approved. Costumes must cover more than standard swimwear, and illusions of nudity are banned.Weapons and Props: Strict rules govern the allowance of weapons and props:Prohibited items include realistic firearms, sharp objects, functional weapons, and any pyrotechnics.Allowed items include non-realistic weapons, blunt metal weapons in a sheath, and props that are clearly non-threatening, such as those with a red/orange tip or made from safe materials.
Photography Policy
Welcome to Cosplay Con Scotland! Our event is a celebration of creativity, costumes, and the cosplaying community. We encourage photography at our event, as capturing the excitement, the costumes, and the moments make the experience even more memorable. To ensure a respectful and enjoyable environment for all attendees, please adhere to the following photography guidelines:General Photography Rules:Photography is allowed in all public areas of the event, unless otherwise indicated by signage or event staff.Before photographing individuals or small groups, please obtain their permission. Respect the wishes of anyone who prefers not to be photographed or asks to review a photo you've taken of them.Photos intended to compromise an individual’s decency or dignity are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, any attempts to take photos from angles intended to be invasive or disrespectful.Photographers must personally hold all their equipment. The use of free-standing equipment, or equipment held by others (such as additional lights or flashes), is not allowed unless it is part of an official trading or exhibiting space.The utilization of power sockets within the event venue requires permission from the event organisers, and possibly additional permission from the venue itself, especially for usage outside designated event areas.​Professional Photo Booth:Cosplay Con Scotland features a professional photo booth for attendees wishing to capture high-quality memories. Photos taken at this booth may be used by Cosplay Con Scotland in future advertising, promotional materials, or online content. By participating in this photo booth, you agree to allow Cosplay Con Scotland the right to use these images for such purposes.Commercial Photography:Photographs taken at Cosplay Con Scotland may not be sold to any outlets (including press) without explicit permission, except for those taken as part of an official trading or exhibition space.We ask all attendees to follow these guidelines to ensure Cosplay Con Scotland remains a fun, respectful, and safe environment for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the event!
Referral Programme
Email with your interest to sign up.T&Cs.Commission Structure: Earn a neat 10% commission on ticket sales made through your referral link. Commissions are based on the ticket price alone, minus any booking fees. Example, a £25 ticket nets you £2.50.Affiliate Link: You will be provided with a unique link to monitor your sales. Therefore, it is crucial that you make sure your referrals use this link, as this enables us to correctly attribute those sales to you.Reporting: Fancy an update on your sales? Shoot an email to once a month, max, to get the latest.Payment Schedule: We’ll settle up 30 days after the event to ensure all sales are accounted for, including any adjustments needed for cancellations or refunds.Payment Method: Your commission will be sent via a method specified by us. You’re responsible for providing accurate payment details and handling any related taxes or fees.Conduct: We expect you to promote Cosplay Con Scotland ethically and legally, keeping in line with our event's values. No spamming or misrepresenting the event, please.Termination: If the terms are breached, or if actions taken are detrimental to the event’s reputation, we may need to say goodbye to your participation in the program.Changes to Terms: We reserve the right to tweak these T&Cs. We’ll let you know about any changes, which will kick in as soon as we announce them.Liability: Cosplay Con Scotland isn’t liable for any indirect losses or damages that might arise through your participation in the program.Tax Responsibility: Handling taxes on your earnings? That’s all you. You’re responsible for reporting and paying any taxes that a taxing authority might require.By diving into the Ticket Referral Program, you’re acknowledging you’ve read, understood, and agreed to stick by these terms and conditions. Let’s make Cosplay Con Scotland a smashing success together!
Relaxed Area
We have a relaxed area where you can go to take a break from the event. Please respect peoples privacy and use this area for a chill out area only.
Where can I find guidelines and information about Poster Sessions?
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