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What's on in - Clarina Suite

12pm - 1.30pm

Contests Pre-Judging

Contests pre-judging
1.45pm - 2pm

Cosplay, Ireland, & You

Explore Irish cosplay culture & community with Amy and Liam, co-founders of the Cosplay Photographers Association of Ireland. Find out about everything cosplay & Irish: community events, conventions, locations for photoshoots, and more! Discover just how much Ireland has to offer for cosplayers and photographers alike!
2.15pm - 2.30pm

SFX and Prosthetics: Do’s and Don’ts for beginners

Ever wonder why your colour contacts hurt so badly when using them at the con, or those liquid latex scars keep falling off? Maybe they aren’t being used as intended, which is where I come in! Come along and listen on some super basic Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to all this cosplay SFX and Prosthetics with helpful tips, tricks, recommendations and advice!Anyone who attends the panel will receive a coupon for a free sample of one of Matthews makeup brush cleaners – perfect for cleaning cosplay makeup and messes.
3pm - 3.45pm

Beyond the Convention: Image Editing for Cosplay Photography

Join Megaera, Image Editor from The Cosplay Journal, as they walk through their image editing process that brings the photos of cosplayers to life, from basic techniques to photo manipulation. Whether you shoot on your phone or on a camera, editing your photos will take you to the next level.Megaera has always enjoyed photographing cosplayers, and as the community grows so has their photography. Recently graduating with a masters degree in photography, Megaera challenges the perception of cosplay through their images.!

What's on in - Ellisland Suite

11.30am – 12.30pm

A History of Cosplay with Holly Swinyard

Cosplay, what do you know about it? It’s a big part of pop culture, and there’s always some amazing costumes to see at conventions. Maybe you’re wearing one right now! But what do you know about the history and cultural impact of this subculture? Because there is so much more to it than you might think. From ancient people telling stories with masks and costumes, to the early 20th century and the first comic cons. humans have had a love of putting on costumes, we love a masquerade ball or to go mumming! Cosplay is the newest version of something uniquely human. Come and learn about a century of cosplay, and what came before it in A History of Cosplay with author, journalist and cosplay enthusiast Holly Swinyard.
2pm - 3pm

Thermoplastics 101 – It’s getting hot in here!

Worbla, polymorph, crystal art…have you ever wanted to incorporate thermoplastics into your cosplay builds but don’t quite know where to start? Or are already using some, but want to know more about the different types of thermoplastics and how to get the best use out of them? This panel will give you an introduction to the different types of thermoplastics (including the many types of Worbla) and the best ways to use/not to use them, with some practical crafting tips!Glob is an award-winning cosplayer who has been cosplaying for 16 years. They love cosplaying from a variety of media and employing many different techniques, often using them in unconventional ways. Their favourite aspect of the hobby is meeting like-minded fans and building a community that is based on helping and celebrating each other’s achievements
3pm - 4pm

Cosplay competitions and sportsmanship

Thought about taking your costume making to the next level?I’ll be discussing what local, national, and international competitions are available within the UK and what is expected within each competitive circuit.It isn’t all about trophies and prizes though, if you want to learn about what it means to represent your country, what walking away from a contest is about, or what defeat can teach us about success, then this panel is for you!”Matthew has represented the UK internationally at the crown cosplay championships two years consequtively. With a mastery in a great number of techniques.While Matthew’s journey has taken him to international world finals, he strongly believes in the importance of having fun and learning new things

What's on in - The Main Stage

12pm - 1pm

Performance Showcase – Hosted by Cloudburst Idols

Are you a cosplayer that enjoys performing? All are invited to join in the first Cosplay Con Performance Showcase, hosted by @cloudburst.idols! The showcase will last for one hour, so slots will be first come first served, so make sure to secure yours quickly if you want to take part! All types of performances are welcome, including dancing, singing, or skits! If at all interested, please contact CloudBurst to secure your slot in the showcase, and show off your talents!To get involved – email
2.30pm - 2.55pm

Sweet Tea Idols

Brewing up a storm on stage, Sweet Tea Idols are an inclusive group aiming to create a space for idols of every ability! A performance and Love live group based in Scotland who have a passion for performance and friendship, Coming to you live with their Stage Debut: Sparkling Today!
4pm onwards

Masquerade followed by contest entries